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The Japantown Certified Farmersí Market (CFM) has been organized to benefit the farmer and consumer alike. The purpose of the market is to provide a convenient and inexpensive outlet for the California family farmer to sell his/her produce directly to the consumer. The consumer will benefit by being able to purchase fresh, quality produce at a reasonable price.




The Japantown CFM is held on Jackson Street between North Sixth and North Seventh Streets. The street is officially closed for our use between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM each Sunday.




The Japantown CFM is open every Sunday morning from 8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon year round, rain or shine. Set up begins at 7:00 AM. Growers may begin to sell as soon as they are set up and ready.




Agricultural commodities which may be sold are:


Fresh Fruits††††††††††† Nuts††††††††† Cut Flowers

Fresh Vegetables††††††† Honey†††††††† Nursery Stock

Dried Fruits††††††††††† Eggs††††††††† Fresh and Dried Herbs††


The Japantown Business Association (JBA) will make the final decision of whether to allow items not specifically mentioned.


Non agricultural commodities are allowed at the discretion of the JBA and must follow the guidelines set in the Non-Agricultural application for the CFM. Booths must be separated and grouped away from the Certified Producers. Call the JBA office to set-up space designation requests.







Any farmer wishing to sell at the market must be certified by his/her County Agricultural Commissioner. One copy of the certification must be filed with the market manager and one must be carried by the producer and visibly posted at the market. The producerís copy MUST BE EMBOSSED with the home county.




Any farmer wishing to advertise his/her products as organically grown must show proof of organic registration. Organic certification is strongly recommended. Such registrations and certifications are to be prominently displayed and on file with the market manager.




Each farmer must have a certificate of insurance naming the Japantown Business Association as an additional insured covering but not limited to, product & completed operations, premises, liability, etc. on file with the market manager.




A map (hand drawn is fine) of your farm location, noting boundary roads,

is to be made available to the market manager for promotional use and market files.




Produce may be sold by weight as measured on scales certified by the farm County Department of Weights and Measures. Otherwise, produce may be sold in units, bundles, dozens, etc.




The growers of the produce, his/her immediate family members or his/her paid employees may sell at the market. If the person selling is an employee the grower must supply the market manager with a signed statement to that effect. (A signed copy of a W-4 form will suffice.)


No commission sales persons, brokers or middlemen are allowed to sell.




A certified grower may represent one other certified market member grower in the marketplace per year. Produce must be segregated by producer and valid agricultural certificates must be prominently displayed to indicate the origination of product(s). The agent grower must have a signed statement from the absentee grower authorizing him/her to sell the absentee growerís produce. Primary producers will be given preference over agents.




Spaces measure 10í frontage and 18í deep. Spaces are assigned by the market manager. A tent in the summer to guard from the heat, and winter, to guard against rain is recommended.




Produce must be displayed and sold from a minimum of two and a half (2 Ĺ) feet off the ground. Produce in closed containers must be stored at least six (6) inches off the ground.




All growers are expected to reserve their spaces with the market manager. Growers arriving without reservations for their first time at the market will be allowed to sell if there is space available and they have satisfied all other requirements.


Growers wishing to cancel their space reservation are expected to contact the association office by noon the Friday before market day. Growers failing to notify the manager of their intention not to attend a market are at risk of losing their regular space, may be reassigned and will be charged a holding space fee of 50%.


Seasonal growers are not guaranteed the same space from one season to the next. Space assignment priority will be given to year round growers.




Growers are heartily encouraged to offer samples of their products to the consumers and are responsible for making sure they are in compliance with state codes regarding sampling regulations. All raw fruits and vegetable samples must be covered. If you are unsure of these regulations, please ask the market manager for a copy.




An annual market membership (associate membership in the Japantown Business Association) may be purchased for a fee of twenty-six dollars ($26.00). This membership allows vendors one or more weekly spaces for a fee of twenty dollars ($21.00) each. Non-members will be charged twenty-six dollars ($26.00) per space per week.


Fees are collected each Sunday morning, during market hours.





The State of California Agricultural Department is requiring all vendors who sell at the Farmerís Market to list the products in which they sell and the aproximate weight of each item at the end of the day.


A form will be supplied to you at the beginning of the day and should be filled out completely and returned to us by the end of the day.



Food Coupons can no longer be accepted


Since the Food coupon redemption method has changed, the Japantown CFM can no longer accept food stamps. We apologize for this change in policy but hope we are able to work with you on alternatives if necessary.

WIC Coupons are accepted
(Women, Infants, Children and Seniors) per issuing regulations


Please sign up with the market manager if you will be participating in this program. Receive a sign and display within easy eyesight for WIC patrons. WIC coupons may be used for fresh fruits and vegetables only. Nuts and dried fruit, bread or beverages may not be accepted. WIC coupons will be accepted as payment for stall fees from certified vendors only.




Collusion among growers to raise prices or exertion of any influence, pressure or persuasion on any grower to control or raise prices is strictly forbidden.




Growers must maintain the space(s) assigned to them in a clean and sanitary manner. When vacating their spaces, growers must remove all equipment, fruits, vegetables, trimmings, wrappings and containers. Growers are asked to bring their own brooms and dust pans to help insure that the spaces are left as clean as they were upon arrival.


As our street closure permit extends only until 2:00 PM, please make sure that your space has been fully cleaned and vacated by1:45 PM.



The market manager has the authority to enforce these rules. Any grower not complying with the rules risks losing his space in the market.




Any grower denied admittance to the market or expelled from the market for any reason may appeal to the Japantown Business Association.




The Association also reserves the right to allow non-profit organizations, community service and educational organizations or fundraisers to participate in the market at no charge.


The Japantown Business Association reserves the right to make additions or changes to these rules. All growers will be notified of any additions or changes









I have read all the rules of The Japantown Certified Farmerís Market and do hereby agree to abide by them as set for forth.



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