Every Sunday Rain or Shine!
from 8:30 a.m. till 12 noon!
Jackson Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets,
Enter from Jackson St, or 7th Street, or 6th St Parking lot.
Meters and Public Parking FREE on SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS in Japantown!
OPEN on Festival Days till 1pm
Market on Vacation: December 25, 2016 & January 1, 2017
We'll be back for the whole year January 8, 2017


Vendor Information: Fees,
  Market Rules (signature necessary)
  Agricultural Vendor Application,
  Non-agricultural Vendor Application (crafts, artwork, baked goods, etc),
  Become a certified farmer with Santa Clara County


Since Certified Farmers Markets vendors are local farmers,
they will not have everything you see at a grocery store who stock many items that are grown in climates other than our own.
But we have:

Did you know that sweet potatoes do not rot (in usual conditions)?
You can buy them and keep them at home with no problem
Greens are good as wells as carrots, kale, chard potatoes, ginger, great daikon (white radish), broccoli, beans, won bok, bok choy, squashes, lettuce, red radishes
Flowers, eggs and brussel sprouts
Beckmann's has the breads you want plus dinner rolls, foccacia, cookies & pies, pies pies!
Lujan Farms, J&J Farms,
Yerena Farms (organic but only in strawberry season)
Contreras Nursery (flowers, eggs and brussel sprouts on the stem)
Pa Vang and Chia Her, Tu Universo
Yerena is gone until they have strawberry season again!
Casablanca Teas every week!
Hummus Heaven
 And Now - Butler's BBQ for chicken & waffles on Sunday mornings at the market!
Ed's Honey Company will be at the market the first & third Sundays of the month

San Jose Bee Removals
Santa Clara County
Swarms collected and nests removed
We love them, but even Ed knows that it's important to have a biologist (Vector Control) look at a hive to determine whether it's an African killer bee hive or a European bee hive.
Don't aggravate the bees. Use the telephone and call for help.

An independent Certified Farmers Market run by the Japantown Business Association and volunteers by all the local, state and federal farmers market and environmental laws.

 PlanetGreenRecycling!~ Bring your old inkjet cartridges to the Farmers Market to recycle them~!

Red jute bag with polypro handles, Japantown 125th Anniversary Limited Edition-$10 at the market
Ample room and strong enough for your shopping needs.
(sorry about the bad photo but the bag itself is kind of nice! Two outside pockets)

 - $3 - nylon market bag with it's own attached tote (blue) is also available at the coffee cart!
Light and convenient!

Japantown Commemorative Banner Poster
$5 unframed
Also Available at Nikkei Traditions , Japanese American Museum of San Jose & Nichi Bei Bussan

See us at the market or call the JBA office
(408) 298-4303
Email: sanjosejtown@sbcglobal.net



Market Volunteers
Thank you to Ken, Steve, Marilyn, Sybil, Amy, Mary Jo, Yuji and Kathy

Peggy and Bill Furukawa opened  the market every Sunday
-well - almost every Sunday since it began in 1992. They retired in 2007. Since then, Steve Sakai does the early morning opening!
California Certified Farmers' Markets program began with California Dept of Food and Agriculture in 1977

There is a rich story behind Japantown.
Click on 'History' to read more.

Santa Clara County Environmental Health rules
require pets to be at least 20 feet from unpackaged foods
We ask that you respect these regulations.
Just ask the volunteers at the JBA cart to hold onto your pet for you as you shop.
We'll be happy to help!


For a recipe - try www.foodtv.com or talk to one of our restaurant chefs or the market vendors!

The San Jose Mercury News ($2.00),
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa $1.25
water and soda at the JBA Coffee Cart is $1.00

Printable Vendor rules, regulations and applications follow.
All vendors must carry their own insurance to qualify.

Market Rules
(signature necessary)
Agricultural Vendor Application,
Non-agricultural Vendor Application
(crafts, artwork, baked goods, etc),
For complete rules and regulations, please email or call the JBA office 408.298.4303 and a complete packet will be mailed to you.

Sponsored by Japantown Business Association
565 North 6th Street, Suite G
San Jose, CA 95112

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