Parking in Japantown San Jose

Special event parking Information for Obon Festival July 14-15, 2012
5th Street closed between

PARKING Suggestions
1. Use 7th-9th Streets for parking, also 3rd-4th Streets
2. Use the $2/all day parking lot at 6th & Jackson
Your car WILL be towed if you leave it overnight!


All street meters are $1/hour coins only.
(Sorry for this inconvenience!)

Per City Council vote in 2010, Japantown Parking Meter rates will be in effect 9am-6pm starting July 1, 2011
Rates continue to be $1 per hour

But there are other public parking lots and lots of free parking on
side streets.

The busiest times of day are lunch and dinner.
(We have great restaurants!)

Lots of community members attend lessons, club events and activities of the organizations within Japantown
(Judo, Boy and Girl Scouts, Lions Club, CYS, Kendo, church activities, senior classes, other non-profit groups)
If it's a big party - Plan ahead!



6th & Jackson Temp Parking Lot-$2
 Entrance on Jackson St between 6th & 7th Streets
Open 7 days: Monday-Saturday $2 fee 8am-Midnight
, Sundays - Free (Farmers market blocks the entrance until 2pm)

The solar powered machine accepts:

Credit Card LogosMerchant servicesMerchant services


6th south of Jackson Parking Lot-between Jackson & Empire
Closed from July 1, 2012





Businesses with their own parking include:

Miraido Village
in back of the building, entrance on  Jackson near 7th)

  • Western Contract Interiors
  • Japantown Medical Group
  • Sushimaru
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Ikebana Arts
  • The Classic Rock Jewelry Store

Santo Market: 6th & Taylor

Kubota Restaurant: 5th just south of Jackson St.

Nichi Bei Bussan: Jackson St between 3rd & 4th St

Okayama Japanese Restaurant: on Sixth half a block south of Jackson towards Empire.

Ukulele Jams: same as Okayama's

Sonny's Hawaiian Place: same as Okayama's

Japantown Business Association: same as Okayama's

FYI_In San Jose, a handicap sticker allows you to park in any metered space at any time free of charge BUT you must pay regular parking fees in public parking LOTS. Please be sure your handicap sticker is in plain view.