Fundraising efforts in Japantown San Jose for Japan Earthquake Relief
  It's going to be a long haul. Clean-up is ongoing. Imagine trying to clean your garage X 1,000.
 And that's just one  block of one city that was affected.

  Archive of some of the events held in Japantown or with Japantown SJ friends

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  • Run for Japan 2013
    Mission: "To help rebuild the lives of those affected by the natural disaster in Japan by sending needed material and encouragement generated by a run/walk event in the Bay Area."
    This group started immediately after the earthquake & tsunami and are in their third year of offering support to the Tohoku area

  • Tohoku Insights 2013: Live Conversations with Japan will bring together activists in the Tohoku rebuilding and relief effort in Japan with the local San ose community in an online conference call that will be streamed live over the internet.


  • The Senninbari Project - Maki Aizawa grew up in Japan learning kimono making from her mother, Tsuyo Onodera who has taught kimono making in Sendai for 45 years! Women in Sendai are working to create items to sell for ongoing recovery efforts. They also started this to keep busy and keep their minds off their sorrows and to cheer each other along.

  • San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin - call the office (408) 293-9292
  • The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) also has a Japanese relief fund.  This money is for relief, not evangelism. 100% of funds go to relief because administrative costs are paid directly by United Methodist churches; even though the JCCsj will not reduce donations by administrative costs, it is not clear if the Japanese Red Cross has its own administrative costs.
    UMCOR Japanese response overview
    UMCOR Japanese response project page
    online donation site
  • Peace Winds Japan on the ground in Japan. Their year end report 2011 is posted
  • Pay Pal! -
    Everybody uses PayPal! And they've made it easy for you to donate to the charity of your choice
  • Japan Platform: JPF is an international emergency humanitarian aid organization made up of a consortium of 32 Japanese NGOs, the business community, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
  • Music for Relief (members of Linkin Park)
  • Yoshiki Foundation America: the biggest rock star in Japan started this to help with Japan relief efforts. He's also donated pianos & musical instruments to schools affected by Kobe and Sichuan earthquakes.
    He visited FanimeCon 2011! (in Japan, there's a VISA card with his photo on it and a 'Hello Kitty' that is modeled after him)
  • San Jose Taiko is encouraging those interested to give through

Donate Directly to Japanese Red Cross
through the Consulate of Japan San Francisco 

  • If you wish to make donations to the Tohoku Area through the Consulate of Japan, San Francisco Earthquake Relief efforts locally, send a personal check (no cash is being accepted) NOT Tax Deductible at this time.
    Payable to: Consulate General of Japan (Attention " Japan Earthquake Relief Fund")
    Send to: Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco
    50 Fremont St., Suite 2300 , San Francisco , CA 94105
    At this time donations are not tax-deductible.

    100% of your donation will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross ensuring the donation remains in Japan to help with Earthquake/Tsunami Relief efforts


Clothing donations
 Socks for Japan

Yes! Socks! A number of people have been asking about sending goods, clothing, etc. Right now, because of lack of gasoline, broken roads and radiation levels, the only efforts are individual. Here's one of them!

SOCKS for JAPAN! (new socks only, include a care letter...)
There are photos and explanation so you know what they are doing. Sign up for their newsletter which will let you know what else they are planning to do.

 Donations to help Animals in Japan

  •  With the death, disappearance or evacuation of their owners, often pets and other animals (farm animals, wild animals) are in dire need also. Here are a couple organizations that are helping in the relief effort.
    1)  Japan Earthquake and Animal Rescue and Support
    2)  ArkBark (Tokyo, Osaka) (Run by a British woman. They've had experience with the Kobe Earthquake)-scroll down to find their latest postings.



For updated information on Japan from Japan in English  NHK World News  OR

Fox Racers help Japan!
Fox is a local clothing company headquartered in Morgan Hill, just south of San Jose with well known racing teams. Check out this link to see what they wore last during last weekend's races to raise awareness of the work being done .. 'to Live in Hope'